Keith Compton's Thumbnail Page

International Thumbnail Mineral Collectors Association (ITMCA)

Mineral interests:

Special: Cassiterite, Smithsonite.
General: Australian Minerals – in particular Broken Hill and Minerals from New South Wales
Overall: Any affordable aesthetic minerals – world wide: but hey, I even have a small meteorite so I guess that means I collect minerals from anywhere!

I do not restrict myself to thumbnail specimens. I collect all sizes other than micros, although, in total contradiction, I do have a couple of specimens that qualify as micros within the thumbnail collection!

Work in progress:

Currently working on a website for minerals and some mineral articles – but progress is painstakingly slow.

Other current interests:

* Photography – essentially mineral photography – I think I am getting better – but again very slowly.
* Ballroom dancing (takes up most of my spare time – training my right foot not be a left foot). Just wish I had started 30 years ago.

Want list:

* Specimens of Cassiterite xls – any locality (and yes pseudomorphs and wood tin qualifies!).


Not much really, but I’ll try and put together a swap/sale list. Most swap material would not be thumbnail specimens, but I guess most could be reduced if required at your risk!