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Ken has been collecting rocks for thirty years. His collection currently consists mostly of loose crystals. He appreciates the internal clarity and crystal perfection available in small – sometimes very small – gem crystals.

Specimens offered for trade/sale are often nice gem crystals culled from parcels of gem rough. Although he doesn’t have many, he’s interested in gem crystals on matrix.

Read Ken's article on calcite from Rucks Pit, Florida here.

Available Specimens (if you don’t see what you want, ask!)

Euclase, BrazilVivianite, FloridaFluorite, Ethiopia
Euclase, BrazilVivianite, FloridaFluorite, Ethiopia

Minerals for Sale
Mineral Locality Size (mm) Form Value Comments
Beryl var. emerald La Pita, Columbia 6x4 to 6x6mm LXL 10 Term XLs, trans with flaws
Beryl var. emerald Bahia, Brazil 27x16mm LXL 5 Large opaque light green partial XL with remains of schist M
Beryl var. emerald Zimbabwe 3x3mm LXL 5 Tiny trans deep green term XL
Beryl var. aquamarine Brazil 25x12mm LXL 15 Large translucent term XL with good blue color
Beryl var. goshenite  Brazil 16x7mm LXL 5 Sharp glassy etched irregular XL
Beryl var. heliodor Brazil Up to 25mm long LXL 5-10 Trans light green to yellow XLs, most term 
Beryl var. aquamarine Pakistan 17x2 to 23x7mm LXL 5-10 Trans glassy XLs, most term
Quartz var. amethyst Vera Cruz, Mexico 10x3mm LXL 1 Pale lavender term XL
Zircon, tan Tanzania 5x5mm LXL 2 Waterworn trans complete XLs
Chrysoberyl, yellow Tanzania 6x9mm LXL 10 Trans partial cyclic twin
Kyanite Brazil 25x4mm LXL 5 Trans to translucent green to blue partial XLs
Kyanite Mason Mountain Mine, Franklin, NC 13x4mm LXL 1 Blue translucent partial XL
Garnet var. rhodolite Mason Mountain Mine, Franklin, NC 17x3mm LXL 1 Trans flat parting frags
Corundum var. pink Mason Mountain Mine, Franklin, NC 16x8mm LXL 5 Two dull intersecting XLs w/ terms
Corundum var. star Australia 22x7mm LXL 10 Large and flat, dark with visible silk
Corundum var. blue Australia 10x4mm LXL 10 Waterworn trans XL with color banding
Corundum var. green Helena, Montana 8x2mm LXL 5 Waterworn trans flat XLs
Spessartine Lindi, Tanzania 5x5mm LXL 5 Small trans med orange/brown XLs 
Spessartine Nigeria 4-6mm LXL 5 Tiny trans light orange XLs
Dravite  Nepal 18x9mm LXL 10 DT translucent brown
Topaz var. imperial Ouro Preto, Minas Gerais, Brazil 10-15mm LXL 5 Trans with flaws golden orange w/ term
Spinel, bright pink Vietnam 2x3mm LXL 5 Trans tiny sharp glassy octahedrons w/ flaws
Spinel, dull pink Mogok, Burma 7-8mm LXL 5 Trans waterworn octahedrons
Sinhalite, tan Mogok, Burma 3x5mm LXL 25 Trans DT XL w/ flaws
Elbaite Brazil 40x1mm LXL 2 Long thin term pencil.  Sharp, glassy, color green/brown/grey?
Elbaite, green Brazil 10-15mm long LXL 5 Glassy trans term XLs
Elbaite, bicolor Afghanistan 20x5x2mm LXL 5 Flattened pink with green tip, term
Stibnite China 19x1mm LXL 2 Thin single term XL
Forsterite var. peridot Suppat, Pakistan 10x5 to 7x13mm LXL 5 Light YG trans term XLs w/ dull/rounded faces
Apatite (F), yellow Durango, Mexico 15x5mm LXL 5 Glassy trans term XL
Diopside, green Alchuri, Pakistan 24x4mm LXL 5 Deep green trans XL section w/o term
Danburite, colorless Charcas, Mexico 23x13mm LXL 10 Sharp, large trans XL, glassy with flaws 
Opal var. precious Lightning Ridge, Australia 10-13mm LXL 5 White and light grey nodules with color play
Calcite, yellow Ruck’s Pit, Ft. Drum, FL Up to 22mm long LXL 5 Trans XLs and cleavage frags
Topaz, guerro brown San Luis Potosi, Mexico 6-12mm long LXL 10 Trans term XL sections
Topaz, tan Thomas Range, UT 13x6mm LXL 10 Sharp trans XL with some included rhyolite matrix
Topaz, colorless Brazil 8-14mm long LXL 2 Waterworn XLs and partial XLs
Euclase, colorless Brazil 10x3mm LXL 10 Complete translucent term XL, colorless with tiny blue streak
Quartz var. crystallized petrified wood Brilliant, Arkansas 22x13mm XLC 2 Nodule of small XLs with brown color
Opal var. precious Ethiopia 24x22mm LXL 5 Orange fire opal with color play
Fluorite Ethiopia Approx. 10mm LXL 1 Trans tan, pale blue, pinkish, etc. rounded nodules with some faces
Grossular var. hessonite Jeffrey Mine, Asbestos, Quebec 14x8mm XLCM 10 Several trans XLs closely grouped on matrix
Spodumene var. kunzite Afghanistan Approx. 24x4mm LXL 10 Trans light pink XLs, some with terms
Apophyllite India 12x12mm LXL 1 Sharp colorless XL with cleaved base
Vivianite Clear Springs Mine, Bartow, FL 5x1mm XL on 28mm matrix XL on matrix 5 Sharp trans blue XL on white earthy matrix
Minerals Wanted (Tiny is okay – perfection is more important than size)
Mineral Locality Size (mm) Form Value Comments
Boracite Germany or England   LXL or matrix   Sharp trans XLs 
Chambersite Louisiana or Texas   LXL or matrix   Sharp trans XLs
Benitoite California   LXL or matrix   Sharp trans XLs
Bromellite ?? Eye visible?? ??   XL with faces??
Andalusite ??   LXL   Trans term XL
Chrysoberyl var. alexandrite  ??   LXL or matrix   XLs with transparency and some color change
Chrysoberyl, green or vanadium ??   LXL   Sharp trans XLs 
Spodumene var. kunzite ??   Matrix   Sharp term trans XL
Sperrylite Ontario? Eye visible?? Matrix    
Platinum ?? Larger than a grain?? Loose    Nugget or XL
Spodumene, green ??   Matrix   ??
Corundum, green Mogok or Sri Lanka   LXL   Sharp trans term or DT XL
Simpsonite Brazil or Australia   LXL   XL with some trans
Rhodizite or Londonite Madagascar   LXL or matrix   XLs with at least some trans
Phenakite Anywhere   LXL or matrix   Trans term glassy XLs
Andradite var. demantoid Urals or Italy   LXL or matrix   Trans XLs with good green color
Andradite var. topazolite ??   LXL or matrix   Trans XLs
Gahnite, green Anywhere   LXL   Trans XLs
Gahnospinel, blue Sri Lanka   LXL   Trans sharp XL
Spinel, cobalt blue Sri Lanka   LXL   Trans sharp XL
Uvite var. vanadium Burma   LXL   XL with some trans
Euclase, green Brazil   LXL   Trans term XL
Euclase, chrome blue Columbia or Zimbabwe   LXL   Trans term XL
Diopside, green Merelani, Tanzania   LXL   Sharp trans term XL
Grossular var. tsavorite Tanzania or Kenya   LXL or matrix   Sharp trans term XL
Grossular var. pink Asbestos, Quebec   LXL or matrix   Sharp trans term XL
Grossular var. green Asbestos or Black Lake   LXL or matrix   Sharp trans term XL
Elbaite var. chrome Tanzania   LXL   Sharp trans term XL
Elbaite var. cuprian Paraiba, Brazil or Mozambique   LXL   Sharp term XL at least partly trans
Sinhalite, brown Mogok or Sri Lanka   LXL   Trans pebble or XL with faces
Sinhalite, green Sri Lanka   LXL   Trans pebble or XL with faces
Zircon Mogok or Sri Lanka   LXL   Trans XL with rich color
Painite Mogok   LXL   Term trans XL
Taaffeite Sri Lanka   LXL   Trans pebble or XL with faces
Hambergite ??   LXL   Trans XL with faces
Actinolite/Tremolite, green Tanzania   LXL   Trans XL
Diamond ??   Matrix    
Brookite Alps or Pakistan – not Arkansas   LXL or matrix   Trans or translucent term XL
Anatase ?? – not Arkansas   LXL or matrix   Trans or translucent term XL
Nambulite Kombat Mine, Tsumeb   LXL   Trans and term
Manganotantalite ??   LXL   Term with some trans
Forsterite var. peridot  Isle of St. John, Egypt   LXL   Term and trans
Forsterite var. peridot Burma   LXL   Term and trans